In order to rent or lease residential property in the City of Aurora, the Owner must complete the following steps to register and obtain a rental license:

  1. Register with the City of Aurora’s Department of Neighborhood Standards;
  2. Pay the Rental Program Fees;
  3. Attend the Landlord Training Class. Classes are held monthly at the Aurora Police Headquarters. Classes are also held in Spanish on select dates.
  4. Once you have obtained your license, you must maintain the rental property in compliance with the Aurora Property Maintenance Code. The City of Aurora conducts inspections of the property and may cite you for not maintaining the property.

The information provided can also be found at

After you have obtained your license, the next step is to lease the property. If you ever have any questions, please contact the attorneys at CES Law. Below is a checklist of recommended steps all Owners should undertake:

  1. Have all prospective tenants complete a rental application. This should request information about employment, number of occupants, driver’s license, social security number, references and consent to obtain a background check* and credit report. (*required by City of Aurora)
  2. Have all tenants sign a residential lease. The lease does not need to be 20 pages long, but should contain provisions regarding the following: lease dates, security deposit procedure, rent amount, renter’s insurance, attorneys’ fees, repair and maintenance, pets, utilities, etc…
  3. In addition to the lease, both parties must sign the City of Aurora Addendum. (required by City of Aurora)

I plan to follow-up this post with a few best practices for Owners when dealing with tenants.