Colosimo, Ewing and Smith LLC are experienced at settling a person’s financial affairs. Probate and Trust Administration can be an incredibly complex and daunting task; from selling an outdated house to liquidating stocks, our attorneys successfully direct any and all proceedings on your behalf.

If probate is necessary, we will prepare and open the decedents probate estate. During probate, we assist you in locating and notifying surviving heirs, gathering and liquidating assets, settling claims, paying final bills, selling real estate, preparing inventories and accountings and making final distributions. Our probate services are comprehensive and affordable; ensuring your interests are thoroughly and effectively represented.

If a decedent’s assets are held in a trust, probate may be avoidable. CES Law probate lawyers can assist you with marshaling and selling assets, satisfying outstanding liabilities, and making final distributions. We have vast experience handling a wide array of assets; from real estate to stocks to retirement accounts, even criminal claims, and more. We offer different levels of representation to match your needs and budget; always ensuring complete satisfaction.

Contact us today to discuss the many ways Colosimo, Ewing and Smith, LLC can assist, consult and represent you in the settling of financial affairs.